Angler Spotlights

Angler Spotlights

2012 State Team at the Central Division Championship
Back row left to right: Eddie Wolfe, Brad Tyer, Scott Sommerkamp, Sean McBee, Greg Cooper, Don Heiser, Brian Maloney, Mike Zangara, Dennis Maggart, Rodney Bowersox, Faron Morris – Front: Joe Gerth, Tim Merkh

“Well ya gotta eat!”

2012 State Team

Brian Maloney’s Big Bass on Day 2

John Small’s Big Bass on Day 1


Waiting on results

Sean McBee 1st Place and 3rd Big Bass on 7/10/11


Top 4 Series Open Qualifiers:L to R: Tim Merkh, Rod Bowersox,
Eddie Wolfe, Sean McBee

Brad Tyer 2nd Place on 7/10/11

Eddie Wolfe 3rd Place and 2nd Big Bass on 7/10/11

Tom Merkh 1st Place on 7/9/11

Rodney Bowersox 2nd Place on 7/9/11

Sean McBee 3rd Place on 7/9/11

Troy Richter 1st Big Bass on 7/9/11

Rodney Bowersox 2nd Big Bass on 7/9/11

David Smith 3rd Big Bass on 7/9/11

Sean McBee 3rd Big Bass on 3/20/11

Joe Gerth 2nd Big Bass on 3/20/11

Eddie Wolfe 1st Place and 3rd Big Bass on 3/20/11

Joe Gerth 2nd Place on 3/20/11

Sean McBee 3rd Place on 3/20/11

Tim Biondo 3rd Big Bass on 3/19/11

Cole Finley 1st Big Bass on 3/19/11

Troy Terry 2nd Big Bass on 3/19/11

David Smith-3rd Place, Tracy Platz-2nd Place, Cole Finley-1st Place on 3/19/11

Richard Duncan and Brian Maloney 2012 National Qualifiers

2011 State Team Qualifiers: Don Heiser, Brian Maloney, Eric Snow, and Jody Hughes

2011 Divisional Team


2010 Central Divisional Team 

Bobby Carlton and Eddie Wolfe–2011 Federation National Championship Qualifiers



Kevin Smith-2010 Federation National Championship

Mike Johnson-2010 Federation National Championship


2010 Tournament Series Winners

Eddie Wolfe-Lake of the Ozark – 3/13-14/10


2009 Tournament Series Winners

Jr. Brown-Lake of the Ozark-3/22/09

Kevin Johnston (left) -Truman Lake- 4/26/09

Don Heiser-Stockton-7/25-26/09

Greg Cooper, Don Heiser, Joe Gerth, and Dave Sommerkamp
Top 4 2009 Tournament Series

State Champions

Ben Henderson – 2006 Missouri TBF State Champion 

Terry Cepowski-2007 Missouri TBF State Champion

Dave Sommerkamp-2008 Missouri TBF State Champion

Bobby Carlton-2009 Missouri TBF State Champion



Divisional Teams

2009 Missouri TBF Divisional Team

2010 Missouri TBF Divisional Team


National Qualifiers

Brian Maloney and Mike Horstmeyer-2008 National TBF Qualifiers

Greg Cooper and Jim Mitchell-2007 National TBF Qualifiers
  Marion Halbersma and Greg Cooper-2009 National TBF Qualifiers

Kevin Smith and Mike Johnson-2010 National TBF Qualifiers