About Us

We are a part of the National TBF team!  Join us to catch some big fish & have fun doing it!

We are an independent state organization that is affiliated with The Bass Federation, a national organization of member state federations.  The first federation club formed in 1968 with the independent state Federations beginning to form in 1970, The federation has worked to support the grassroots growth of fishing and the growth of the entire sport fishing/outdoors industry. The Bass Federation (TBF)  is the oldest affiliation of state organizations known as the ” Federation”.

The Missouri TBF operates as a non-profit operating exclusively for the enjoyment, promotion, preservation, and furthering of the sport of bass fishing with emphasis on youth, conservation, and the hope and thrill of ” landing that trophy fish”.

We welcome all clubs to join us! Our objective is to promote the sport of fishing and the preservation of the aquatic resources.

If you are interested in joining our organization, either as a member of an existing club or by forming a club of your own, click here to contact us.

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